Vocal Hitchhiker Now in LHD

Farewell Declan Brooks
9th February 2015
Who would like to see new stuff?
5th May 2015

DID we mention now in Left hand drive.

Vocal BMX Hitchhiker switchable Freecoaster/Cassette Hub
The hub can work as a normal cassette with the spring kit provided or as a free coaster hub.

– Thick flanges for improved strength
– CRMO male axle with thicker wall than normal. 17mm crmo axle nuts.
– RHD or LHD 9t driver . (With retracting paws on the freecoaster)
– CNC shell unique to Vocal with an Engraved logo.
– Black or Polished only
– Weight: 460g making it the lightest free coaster on the market