22nd June 2015

Tidy Wheel Setup

The vocal hitchhiker hub, vault straight rim and plain spikes. One tidy wheel set up, who’s building some vocal wheels this summer?
3rd August 2015

Vault Aero Shot

Lovely shot of our ‘vault aero’ and ‘vault straight’ rims all built up. Clean.
15th January 2016

Capital Forks & Hitchhiker Hub

Every detail counts on our products, the ‘Capital’ forks looking great alongside our Hitchhiker hub.
25th January 2016

Wheel Sets

Our wheel sets look amazing built up, aero straight & vault rims, Hitchiker front and rear hubs
20th February 2016

Fresh Vocal Builds

Hitchhiker front and rear hub, laced to a vault straight & vault aero rim using our silver spokes. Like em? #bmx #vocalbmx
20th March 2016

Fresh Vocal Wheel

Fresh Vocal front wheel for Harry Main Fan Page#bmx #vocalbmx
6th April 2016

Wheel Build

A Vocal BMX wheel build #bmx #vocalbmx
12th April 2016

What do you make?

Hey, what do you make of our rainbow titanium spokes? #Bmx #vocalbmx
13th April 2016

Ashley Douglas’ Hitchhiker front

Ashley Douglas ‘s Hitchhiker front #bmx #vocalbmx
3rd May 2016

@curtis_81 Building a Serious Vocal Wheel

Oh man, looks like @curtis_81 is building a serious Vocal wheel. Anyone else? #Bmx #vocalbmx