3rd August 2015

Vault Aero Shot

Lovely shot of our ‘vault aero’ and ‘vault straight’ rims all built up. Clean.
29th December 2015

Vault Aero Rim

The ‘Vault Aero’ rim with a straight edge for those brake runners. Perfect for the front but can also be used on the rear with light […]
8th February 2016

Vault Aero Rim

Our Vault aero rim will make your wheel set up look cleaner #bmx #vocalbmx
20th February 2016

Fresh Vocal Builds

Hitchhiker front and rear hub, laced to a vault straight & vault aero rim using our silver spokes. Like em? #bmx #vocalbmx
23rd April 2016

Trippy Capital Forks Shot

Another ‘trippy’ looking shot of our Capital forks and Vault aero rim from Alfie Blue #bmx #vocalbmx