22nd June 2015

Tidy Wheel Setup

The vocal hitchhiker hub, vault straight rim and plain spikes. One tidy wheel set up, who’s building some vocal wheels this summer?
2nd March 2016

Brake Cable Setups

We have so many brake cable set ups available #bmx#vocalbmx
5th May 2016

Such a clean Vocal Gyro set up

Such a clean Vocal Gyro set up from @vw_baxendale_c #bmx #vocalbmx
10th May 2016

@curtis_81 with an unreal setup

@curtis_81 with an unreal Vocal BMX wheel set up #bmx #vocalbmx
7th August 2016

Lots of configurations available

The pro dual upper cable, we have a lot of configurations available when it comes to brake set-ups. #bmx #vocalbmx