23rd December 2015

Super Clean Hub Guards

Our hub guards are super clean and will keep that hitchhiker ( or any other hub ) safe from damage. Grind on brothers.
29th April 2016

Our Screech Pads

Our screech pads are super simple and ideal for coloured rims. Available in 6 colours #bmx#vocalbmx
1st May 2016

Flathead Stem

The Vocal BMX ‘Flathead’ stem, super clean, no bolts sticking out anywhere, no unnecessary holes. Just strength where strength is really needed. Job done. #bmx #vocalbmx
18th May 2016

Flathead Stem Design

We spent a long time thinking about every angle on our ‘Flathead’ stem. Super clean design with nothing there that shouldn’t #bmx #vocalbmx
20th May 2016

Shoot Da B’s

Super smooth full CNC loose ball caged bearing gyro made from 7075 aluminium, the ‘Shoot Da B’s’ #bmx #vocalbmx
30th May 2016

Our top cap is available in H24 & H25

Our top cap is available in H24 & H25, designed to sit super flush with a clean look #bmx #vocalbmx
4th August 2016

H24 & H25

Our topcap is available in H24 & H25; super clean finish. Shown here on Ash’s ride #bmx #vocalbmx