4th December 2015

‘shoot da b’s’ gyros on a customers ride

Ashley Douglas setting up one of our ‘shoot da b’s’ gyros on a customers ride, looking good!
26th December 2015

Gyro Plate

Our rise gyro plate is made of alloy for maximum rigidity, available in colours shown.
7th March 2016

What a combination

Vocal ‘Flathead’ stem alongside ‘Local XL’ bars and our cables and gyro. You into it? #bmx #vocalbmx
8th March 2016

Keep it looking clean

Keep it looking clean #vocalbmx
9th March 2016

Retro Gyro Kit

Our ‘Retro’ gyro kit has everything you need to set up a gyro and get it running, available in 7 colours #bmx #vocalbmx
12th March 2016

Our ‘Shoot Da B’s’ gyro

Our ‘Shoot Da B’s’ gyro, keep ’em spinning smooth #bmx #vocalbmx
5th May 2016

Such a clean Vocal Gyro set up

Such a clean Vocal Gyro set up from @vw_baxendale_c #bmx #vocalbmx
20th May 2016

Shoot Da B’s

Super smooth full CNC loose ball caged bearing gyro made from 7075 aluminium, the ‘Shoot Da B’s’ #bmx #vocalbmx
2nd June 2016

Any brake set up you can imagine

We have cables for about any brake set up you can imagine, here’s our pro linear upper gyro cable. #bmx #vocalbmx
10th July 2016

That vocal top end

That vocal top end, ‘Shoot Da B’s’ gyro, ‘Flathead’ stem and topcap. Into it? #bmx #vocalbmx