5th September 2015

Cleaning Up Your Drivechain

Our Valentine cranks are a sure way to clean up your drivechain, hollow spindle with heat treated 4130 arms. Available in black or chrome. Here they […]
2nd January 2016

Valentine Cranks are no fuss

Our Valentine cranks are no fuss, no clutter, spline drive, low profile cranks that above all else looks great. Clean up that drivechain, available in black […]
11th January 2016

Vocal Set

Oh my, @alfbmx has a very vocal set and damn, does it look clean. Valentine cranks, Capital forks, Aero rims, the lot! Thoughts?
22nd January 2016

Valentine Cranks at Waller BMX

Waller BMX with a great shot of our Valentine cranks, get over there and pick up a set!
9th February 2016

Who runs our Valentine cranks?

Who runs our Valentine cranks? #bmx #vocalbmx
13th April 2016

Clean Looking Chrome

That’s some clean looking chrome. Capital forks, Neptune bars, Flathead stem, Top Cap & Valentine Cranks #bmx #vocalbmx
7th May 2016

Vocal BMX DRS & Valentine cranks

The Vocal BMX DRS & Valentine cranks looking so good on Lee Curgenven’s bike #bmx #vocalbmx
24th May 2016

Valentine cranks, super ankle friendly

Our ‘Valentine’ cranks are super ankle friendly, with a low profile crank boss and rounded, smooth edges. Available in LHD & RHD even includes micro drive […]
30th June 2016

Killer shot of our Valentine cranks

Killer shot of our Valentine cranks from Ethan haveron, who runs a set? We’d love to see your photos #bmx #vocalbmx
6th August 2016

Ankle friendly

Ankle friendly, clean design. The ‘Valentine’ cranks #bmx #vocalbmx