18th October 2015

Zozo Kempf – 2015 Edit

Zozó just dropped this banging edit. You killed it man.
3rd December 2015

Zozo Kempf taking 5 in the sun

Zozo Kempf taking 5 in the sun, who’s seen his latest edit? It’s absolute fire
11th February 2016

Good Sh*t

Zozo Kempf got some of that good shit in the post
12th March 2016

Zozo Kempf’s set up for his recent trip

Zozo Kempf ‘s set up for his recent trip to England. Our soft goods are now available through our website, go grab some vocal garms #bmx #vocalbmx
24th March 2016

Slinging ’em

Zozo Kempf Slinging ’em #bmx #vocalbmx
4th April 2016

Zozo Kempf repping the ‘Natives’ tee

Zozo Kempf repping the ‘Native’ tee #bmx #vocalbmx
10th April 2016

Zozo Hitting You With Style

Zozo Kempf hitting you with some style ‪#‎bmx‬ ‪#‎vocalbmx‬
17th April 2016

Zozo Kempf back at it again

Zozo Kempf back at it again with the smooth style, can’t beat it #bmx #vocalbmx
15th May 2016

Zozo Kempf repping our beanie

Zozo Kempf repping our beanie whilst enjoying pug life #bmx #vocalbmx
21st May 2016

Zozo Kempf and his Vocal BMX

Zozo Kempf and his Vocal BMX #bmx #vocalbmx