17th December 2014

Vocal Neptune Bars

Check out what we have! Vocal Neptune bars!
8th June 2015

Neptune Bars Looking’ Great!

Vocal Neptune bars looking great on a custom Kis BikeCo set up, available in black and chrome
16th December 2015

Neptune Bars

Our Neptune bars are 9″ rise with 29″ width, included is an extra sticker sheet so you can mix things up and get ’em looking how […]
21st December 2015

Neptune Bars Sticker Sheet

Our Neptune bars come with a spare sticker sheet so you can sticker them up how ever you like
13th April 2016

Clean Looking Chrome

That’s some clean looking chrome. Capital forks, Neptune bars, Flathead stem, Top Cap & Valentine Cranks #bmx #vocalbmx
30th April 2016

Vocal BMX ‘Neptune’ bar

The Vocal BMX ‘Neptune’ bars #bmx #vocalbmx
2nd August 2016

detail on our ‘Neptune’ bars

Some detail on our ‘Neptune’ bars, 9″ rise by 29″ wide, black or chrome. #bmx #vocalbmx
3rd August 2016

Low cost high quality

The neptune bars, low cost high quality #bmx#vocalbmx