29th June 2015

Chris Nicol getting upside down

Chris Nicol getting upside down, down under Vocal BMX
4th September 2015

Chris Nicol // 2015 – Teaser

So here we go! We are beyond stoked to show you the teaser for Chris Nicol BMX upcoming 2015 vocal part, dropping next week. Who’s looking forward to […]
4th September 2015

Chris Nicol Brock & Horneman Battle It Out

See the 2 Ozzie’s Chris Nicol Brock Horneman battle it out on a game of add on. Click here to watch!
5th September 2015

Vocal BMX // Chris Nicol – 2015

Ok so it looks like the video we was going to release on Monday is out Ha ha I blame Anonymous. Chris came over to the […]
7th September 2015

Chris Nicol – Vocal BMX Edit

Interested in seeing some unseen photo’s along with a great write up? Head over to this and take a look at Chris’ edit in some greater […]
1st October 2015

Chris Nicol Tasty Line

Chris Nicol BMX getting street on yo ass, props to the skater in this. Nicol you shattered his dreams. Tasty line!
10th October 2015

Does Chris Ever Stop Riding

4th December 2015

We love Chris Nicol

We love Chris Nicol BMX
29th February 2016

Chris Nicol floatin’ em

Chris Nicol BMX floatin’ em #bmx #vocalbmx
18th March 2016

Big Flippa

Chris Nicol BMX with a big flippa, shot by @browntom #bmx #vocalbmx