2nd February 2016

Flair at Ex&Hop Contest

Flair at Ex&Hop Contest Ispo2016 📷 Fabio Craco
19th May 2016

Chris Nicol with that flair bar

Chris Nicol BMX with that flair bar, such a killer photo #bmx #vocalbmx
20th June 2016

Chris Nicol is back from his holiday

Chris Nicol BMX is back from his holiday and straight back on the bike, as demonstrated here by this lovely flair #bmx #vocalbmx
6th July 2016

Chris Nicol BMX getting his flair on

Chris Nicol BMX getting his flair on, shot by Pat Freyne Images. #bmx #vocalbmx
19th July 2016

Zozó Kempf flairing it

Zozó Kempf flairing it #bmx #vocalbmx