29th January 2016

Make your front end look cleaner

Our top cap is guaranteed to make your front end look cleaner
19th March 2016

Ashley Douglas Front End

Ashley Douglas view of his Vocal BMX front end #bmx #vocalbmx
20th March 2016

Fresh Vocal Wheel

Fresh Vocal front wheel for Harry Main Fan Page#bmx #vocalbmx
31st March 2016

Who runs Vocal hubs?

Our Hitchhiker freecoaster rear & Hitchhiker front, who runs Vocal hubs? #bmx #vocalbmx
13th April 2016

Ashley Douglas’ Hitchhiker front

Ashley Douglas ‘s Hitchhiker front #bmx #vocalbmx
30th April 2016

Ashley’s Vocal Front End

Ashley Douglas ‘s front end though. Vocal Local XL bars, Flathead stem, Capital forks & our cables #bmx #vocalbmx
7th June 2016

Super strong, thick flanges

The Hitchhiker front hub has super strong, thick flanges for strength whilst still only weighing 252 grams. Available in black or silver with volcano or hex […]
7th June 2016

Harrys Vocal front wheel, thoughts?

Harrys Vocal front wheel, thoughts? #bmx#vocalbmx
14th July 2016

That set up though

That set up though, our titanium rainbow spokes laced to Hitchhiker front hub #bmx #vocalbmx
16th July 2016

Chrome life

Chrome life, Hitchhiker front hub in-between our Capital forks #bmx #vocalbmx