15th September 2015

Our brand new stem ‘The Flathead’

Our brand new stem ‘The Flathead’ looking good on Brock Horneman ‘s bike. Available in October.
23rd November 2015

Underside of our Flathead Stem

Even the underside of our Flathead stem is super clean, no bolts or mess.
23rd November 2015

Flathead Stem Looking Great

Our Flathead stem looking just as great in silver, 48mm reach with a super clean finish. None of those bolts hanging out or sharp edges destroying […]
30th December 2015

Perfecting our ‘Flathead’ stem

We spent a long time perfecting our ‘Flathead’ stem. No bolt holes, no unnecessary design, just super clean.
4th January 2016

Abyss bars and Flathead stem

Our Abyss bars and Flathead stem looking so great on Chris Nicol BMX s bike.
18th May 2016

Flathead Stem Design

We spent a long time thinking about every angle on our ‘Flathead’ stem. Super clean design with nothing there that shouldn’t #bmx #vocalbmx
22nd May 2016

Further details on our ‘Flathead’ stem

Further details on our ‘Flathead’ stem #bmx#vocalbmx
24th July 2016

Flathead stem modelled by Ashley Douglas’ ride

Our ‘Flathead’ stem, as modelled by Ashley Douglas‘s ride #bmx #vocalbmx