27th December 2015

Ventra Slim Seat

Our Ventra slim seat is super clean, with a low profile vocal emblem. Keep your setup looking sleek.
15th January 2016

Ventral Slim Seat

All about the details, our ‘Ventral’ slim seat
15th January 2016

Re-upholstered Seat

@alfbmx re-upholstered our seat in brown leather and it looks amazing! What do you think?
5th July 2016

Our brand new range of seat posts

We’re really excited to show you our brand new range of seat posts, we’re introducing two models into our product range: The ‘Socket’ post – No […]
10th July 2016

Never be without your 17mm again

Our brand new ‘Socket’ seat post, never be without your 17mm again #bmx #vocalbmx
11th July 2016

Ashley Douglas with our new Socket Posts

Ashley Douglas has gone and installed one of our new ‘Socket Posts’, looks damn good! #bmx#vocalbmx