14th October 2015

Zozo Barrel Roll to Foot Jam

Just see this little gem from Zozo barrel roll to foot jam
29th April 2016

Zozo’s Vocal Set Up

Zozo Kempf ‘s vocal set up is looking so good! Into it? ‪#‎bmx‬ ‪#‎vocalbmx‬
23rd May 2016

Zozo Kempf with some serious style

Zozo Kempf with some serious style, nothing like the simple stuff done well #bmx #vocalbmx
11th June 2016

Zozo Kempf killing the snapchat game

Zozo Kempf killing the snapchat game with our Vocal iphone case before a session #bmx#vocalbmx
15th July 2016

Wonderful 3 tuck

Zozo Kempf with a wonderful 3 tuck #bmx#vocalbmx