30th July 2016

That colour

That colour, our Titanium rainbow spokes. 2G per spoke #bmx #vocalbmx
14th July 2016

That set up though

That set up though, our titanium rainbow spokes laced to Hitchhiker front hub #bmx #vocalbmx
17th June 2016

Seriously light metal

Each one of our titanium rainbow spokes only weighs 2 grams, that’s some seriously light metal #bmx #vocalbmx
17th May 2016

Our titanium rainbow spokes

Our titanium rainbow spokes, only 2g per spoke #bmx #vocalbmx  
12th April 2016

What do you make?

Hey, what do you make of our rainbow titanium spokes? #Bmx #vocalbmx
3rd April 2016

Titanium Rainbow Spokes

Our titanium rainbow spokes, who runs them? #bmx#vocalbmx
14th March 2016

What do you think?

Brad Gloede is running our ‘Abyss’ bars and rainbow spokes. What do you think? Lovely bike! #Bmx#vocalbmx
20th February 2016

Fresh Vocal Builds

Hitchhiker front and rear hub, laced to a vault straight & vault aero rim using our silver spokes. Like em? #bmx #vocalbmx
18th February 2016

Rainbow ti Spokes

Everyone loves ti spokes, here are ours in rainbow ( also avalible in black and raw ) #bmx #vocalbmx
20th January 2016

Titanium Rainbow Spokes

Our titanium rainbow spokes looking great built up, who runs them?