6th August 2016

Ankle friendly

Ankle friendly, clean design. The ‘Valentine’ cranks #bmx #vocalbmx
28th July 2016

@billham113 DRS system

Daniel Billham ( @billham113 ) just installed our DRS system, never loose sight of those cranks again. #Bmx #vocalbmx
21st July 2016

Rainbow Cycleworx with our DRS system

Rainbow Cycleworx – Rcxbmx with a shot of our DRS system. The DRS allows you to add drag to your cranks WITHOUT having to crush your bearings […]
30th June 2016

Killer shot of our Valentine cranks

Killer shot of our Valentine cranks from Ethan haveron, who runs a set? We’d love to see your photos #bmx #vocalbmx
24th May 2016

Valentine cranks, super ankle friendly

Our ‘Valentine’ cranks are super ankle friendly, with a low profile crank boss and rounded, smooth edges. Available in LHD & RHD even includes micro drive […]
7th May 2016

Vocal BMX DRS & Valentine cranks

The Vocal BMX DRS & Valentine cranks looking so good on Lee Curgenven’s bike #bmx #vocalbmx
22nd April 2016

Stop those cranks running away

The DRS bottom upgrade kit, stop those cranks running away from you #bmx #vocalbmx
13th April 2016

Clean Looking Chrome

That’s some clean looking chrome. Capital forks, Neptune bars, Flathead stem, Top Cap & Valentine Cranks #bmx #vocalbmx
27th March 2016

What is DRS?

What is DRS? The DRS is a system designed and patented by Vocal that allows you to add drag to your cranks, stopping them turning when […]
9th February 2016

Who runs our Valentine cranks?

Who runs our Valentine cranks? #bmx #vocalbmx