3rd August 2016

Low cost high quality

The neptune bars, low cost high quality #bmx#vocalbmx
2nd August 2016

detail on our ‘Neptune’ bars

Some detail on our ‘Neptune’ bars, 9″ rise by 29″ wide, black or chrome. #bmx #vocalbmx
30th April 2016

Vocal BMX ‘Neptune’ bar

The Vocal BMX ‘Neptune’ bars #bmx #vocalbmx
30th April 2016

Ashley’s Vocal Front End

Ashley Douglas ‘s front end though. Vocal Local XL bars, Flathead stem, Capital forks & our cables #bmx #vocalbmx
18th April 2016

Trippy Shots

Alfie Blue coming in with some trippy shots of our bars #bmx #vocalbmx
13th April 2016

Clean Looking Chrome

That’s some clean looking chrome. Capital forks, Neptune bars, Flathead stem, Top Cap & Valentine Cranks #bmx #vocalbmx
17th March 2016


Not only does @alfiebluebmx have an incredible looking bike, but he’s running our bars and a specially re upholstered ( in lovely brown leather ) seat. […]
14th March 2016

What do you think?

Brad Gloede is running our ‘Abyss’ bars and rainbow spokes. What do you think? Lovely bike! #Bmx#vocalbmx
4th January 2016

Abyss bars and Flathead stem

Our Abyss bars and Flathead stem looking so great on Chris Nicol BMX s bike.
21st December 2015

Neptune Bars Sticker Sheet

Our Neptune bars come with a spare sticker sheet so you can sticker them up how ever you like