Vocal News

15th October 2015

Something good is coming…

So we’re coming into the final few days of shooting for Brock Horneman ‘s 2015 Vocal part. It’s a banger part but that doesn’t come without putting in […]
14th October 2015

Zozo Barrel Roll to Foot Jam

Just see this little gem from Zozo barrel roll to foot jam
14th October 2015

What on earth

What on earth, we can not wait for brock to get back on his bike. By the way, who’s excited for his 2015 part?
12th October 2015

Beastly Down Whips

Jack Clark with a beastly down whip at pro freestyle a few weeks back.
10th October 2015

Does Chris Ever Stop Riding

7th October 2015

Native Tee’s

Vocal Native tee , black or white
1st October 2015

Chris Nicol Tasty Line

Chris Nicol BMX getting street on yo ass, props to the skater in this. Nicol you shattered his dreams. Tasty line!
1st October 2015

Vice Bottom Bracket with DRS Technology

Our vice bottom bracket with DRS technology looking so good alongside this oil slick set up. Sick of your cranks spinning when your feet come off? […]
25th September 2015

Hitchhiker BMX Hub // Switch From Freecoaster To Cassette

We get quite a few emails about how the Vocal Hitchhiker Freecoaster / cassette hub works. This is one of the only hubs you can run […]
15th September 2015

Our brand new stem ‘The Flathead’

Our brand new stem ‘The Flathead’ looking good on Brock Horneman ‘s bike. Available in October.