Team Riders

11th July 2016

Jack Clark absolutely smashed NASS

Jack Clark absolutely smashed NASS , riding the course like a hero and coming 7th. 10/10. Photo by Clint Vancliff #bmx #vocalbmx
11th July 2016

Ashley Douglas with our new Socket Posts

Ashley Douglas has gone and installed one of our new ‘Socket Posts’, looks damn good! #bmx#vocalbmx
6th July 2016

Get low Zozó Kempf

Get low Zozó Kempf #bmx #vocalbmx
6th July 2016

Chris Nicol BMX getting his flair on

Chris Nicol BMX getting his flair on, shot by Pat Freyne Images. #bmx #vocalbmx
29th June 2016

Ashley Douglas ‘s 2016 Vocal BMX part

We begun shooting Ashley Douglas ‘s 2016 Vocal BMX part yesterday, it went off with a bang. Who’s keen for this? #bmx #vocalbmx
29th June 2016

Chris Nicol spreading his wings

In terms of execution, this is pretty much as good as it gets. Chris Nicol BMX spreading his wings by Pat Freyne Images. #bmx #vocalbmx
24th June 2016

Harry took a bit of a heavy hit

Okay so Harry took a bit of a heavy hit whilst we were shooting for his bike check on Tuesday, it’s okay though, we’ll have something […]
23rd June 2016

Chris Nicol BMX smashing an invert

Chris Nicol BMX smashing an invert out at Boardmasters last year, we’re beyond keen to have this guy back in the UK this summer #bmx#vocalbmx
20th June 2016

Chris Nicol is back from his holiday

Chris Nicol BMX is back from his holiday and straight back on the bike, as demonstrated here by this lovely flair #bmx #vocalbmx
11th June 2016

Zozo Kempf killing the snapchat game

Zozo Kempf killing the snapchat game with our Vocal iphone case before a session #bmx#vocalbmx