30th July 2016

That colour

That colour, our Titanium rainbow spokes. 2G per spoke #bmx #vocalbmx
28th July 2016

@billham113 DRS system

Daniel Billham ( @billham113 ) just installed our DRS system, never loose sight of those cranks again. #Bmx #vocalbmx
25th July 2016

Dual Pressure Analogue Foot Pump

Hardcore Hobbies with a shot of our Dual Pressure Analogue Foot Pump , forget lugging around that cumbersome 7ft tall hand pump. This’ll sort you out on […]
24th July 2016

Flathead stem modelled by Ashley Douglas’ ride

Our ‘Flathead’ stem, as modelled by Ashley Douglas‘s ride #bmx #vocalbmx
22nd July 2016

Overlap’ half link chain

Our ‘Overlap’ half link chain, available in black or chrome. #bmx #vocalbmx
21st July 2016

Rainbow Cycleworx with our DRS system

Rainbow Cycleworx – Rcxbmx with a shot of our DRS system. The DRS allows you to add drag to your cranks WITHOUT having to crush your bearings […]
19th July 2016

Who runs a vocal sticker?

Who runs a vocal sticker? #bmx #vocalbmx
18th July 2016

Guaranteed to make your hubs last

Our guards are guaranteed to make your hubs last a hell of a lot longer, CNC machined aluminium designed to fit most hubs #bmx #vocalbmx
16th July 2016

Chrome life

Chrome life, Hitchhiker front hub in-between our Capital forks #bmx #vocalbmx
14th July 2016

That set up though

That set up though, our titanium rainbow spokes laced to Hitchhiker front hub #bmx #vocalbmx