18th July 2016

That front wheel though

That front wheel though #bmx #vocalbmx
18th July 2016

Guaranteed to make your hubs last

Our guards are guaranteed to make your hubs last a hell of a lot longer, CNC machined aluminium designed to fit most hubs #bmx #vocalbmx
17th July 2016

Chris Nicol is with us

Chris Nicol BMX is with us, who want’s us to shoot a video? #bmx #vocalbmx
16th July 2016

Chrome life

Chrome life, Hitchhiker front hub in-between our Capital forks #bmx #vocalbmx
15th July 2016

Wonderful 3 tuck

Zozo Kempf with a wonderful 3 tuck #bmx#vocalbmx
14th July 2016

That set up though

That set up though, our titanium rainbow spokes laced to Hitchhiker front hub #bmx #vocalbmx
13th July 2016

Want a set?

We’ve got the ‘Abyss’ bar back in, full 13 butted 4130 chromoly, 29.5″ wide with a 9.25″ rise. Want a set? #bmx #vocalbmx
12th July 2016

I spy vocal stickers

I spy vocal stickers #bmx #vocalbmx
11th July 2016

Jack Clark absolutely smashed NASS

Jack Clark absolutely smashed NASS , riding the course like a hero and coming 7th. 10/10. Photo by Clint Vancliff #bmx #vocalbmx
11th July 2016

Ashley Douglas with our new Socket Posts

Ashley Douglas has gone and installed one of our new ‘Socket Posts’, looks damn good! #bmx#vocalbmx